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Best Penis Extenders in 2020

best penis extenders
When it comes to increasing the size of your penis, there are various recommended solutions you can try out. However, you cannot guarantee that they can live up to the safety feature they offered.

As of now, more males tend to find it easier to try out natural solutions in increasing the size of their penis. Obviously, this is due to the fact that risks are lower and some natural solutions are completely safe when done correctly.

If you do not want to waste your money and assure your safety against physical harm to your penis, you may then consider analysing the options for male enhancement first. By doing so, you will understand which one may best work for you.

Struggling to find out the most effective penis extender for you? With the number of penis extenders available its not easy to know the best penis extender for you to help you enlarge your penis.
Penis Extenders work in various ways, all with the common goal of making your sex life hotter.

Some penis extenders work to lengthening your penis by inches, such as penis enlargement products, whilst others work on experience bigger,harder, thicker, longer lasting erection, these are typically Male Enhancement Products.

To ensure the penis extenders you choose is most effective in extend your penis its important for you select the right one for you. Use our table below to help you decide the best penis extender for your needs.

Quick Extender Pro

Since this penis extender is equipped with the innovative Double Strap Support system, it features the greatest control and doesn’t let the penis to change it position during stretching.


The ProExtender is a penis extender created to safely and effectively stretch the penis.
It serves as a great way to replace the penis enlargement surgery. The member stretching with ProExtender doesn’t cause pain and discomfort. It assists in both the penis lengthening and thickening in an absolutely harmless way.
The mild and gradual traction force along the penis shaft is what contributes to the increase in manhood dimensions without invasions.
This doctor-endorsed high-quality stretcher promotes the natural penis growth due to the stimulation of penile cell division.
More than 500,000 men from different countries have already appreciated the gains which this penis extender provides.

Best Penis Etender

X4 Labs Penis Extender Manufacturer is claims that their product is the world’s number one penis extender. With the help of this Penis Extender Device Review, we’ll inform you about the benefits and efficiency of this device.
The X4 Labs penis extender device offers users permanent penis enlargement in both length and girth, increases stamina, treats Peyronie’s Disease, and corrects penile curvatures in many cases.

As opposed to other similar penis extender devices using silicone tubes or straps, X4 Labs Penis Extender is definitely the only product to utilize a Custom Loop Fastener and 4-in-1 Quad Support Piece.
Backed by many clinical tests for its R&D operations, the X4 Labs Penis Extender has undergone rigid testing.
Since the popular product has gained a large number of happy clients, X4 Labs keeps its name as being a leader in penis enlargement.

So How Does the X4 Labs Penis Extender Work?

The X4 Labs Penis Stretcher uses the principle of traction to extend penis length. Once the device is worn, a continuing and safe level of pressure is placed on the penis, When the cells in your penis are exposed to a gradual stretch, they begin to multiply, so it causes creating new healthy cells due to cell duplication. You can think that as body building. This technique forces the penis to expand and promotes increased blood circulation to the penis, thus leading to an increase in penis length and girth.

Studies on Penis Extenders

There has been a lot of thorough research done on penis extenders over the years as the demand for larger penises soars. As society and media open up more to topics on sexual gratification, more men seek to have a larger penis to enjoy a more satisfying sex experience. In the past, especially when the penis enlargement demand started, surgeries such as phalloplasty were the only available option. They were very expensive, and had a lot of risks. Penis enlargement options were by far beyond the means of an average person.

However, as technology advanced over time, new penis extenders have been developed. These traction devices have grown to be more effective and easily accessible with more research and clinical trials performed on this area. These companies have came up with so many amazing features that were never even imagined before. Most of them can be put on at the convenience of your own home or wherever you want; you can even hide it well so that most people won’t easily notice of such an embarrassing treatment that you’re undergoing even with the device worn on. You can just set and forget every time you wear it.

In fact, even doctors and other health professionals admit that these extender devices actually do work! The International Journal of Impotence Research did a study on a commercial extender back in 2002 and observed average growths of 2.7 inches in penis length after a 6 month consistent application.

With increasing competition in this industry, prices of these extenders have been lowered so much that it is easily affordable to the average person. More companies have chosen to dive into the research and production of the penis extender niche as it has proven to be an increasingly profitable industry.

Generally, penis extenders are a much safer alternative to surgeries, as they do not invade your cells by taking a natural approach. They work by stretching your penile tissues, expanding the cavity between the cells, which stimulates the cells to regenerate at a much faster rate than usual to heal those “gaps”. Besides that, they can even Their designs can also be easily customized to fit a wide range of penis sizes, and you can even adjust the tension to suit your desired growth rate, which is another great feature companies have invented to be able to accommodate more clients.

Unlike surgeries, most companies even offers a guarantee upon trying out their devices as mark of proof for their quality standards. These periods usually range from 30 days to half a year, whereby you are eligible for a full refund and to keep the products if you do not experience any progress. Costly surgeries do not guarantee any success, and even shun responsibilities from any side-effects that you may face. They can even be ordered online where these companies will directly ship to your address. With such stiff competition in this industry, you are basically spoilt for choice. Penis extenders are an excellent and safe option, and should always be tried out first instead of going for risky surgeries.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Obviously, these have been the start of everything about male enhancement. There are already clinical studies that tend to support the effectiveness of the routines. By just using your hands in several minutes, you will be able to gain the increases you are looking for. It is expected that results can be seen in just two to three weeks. However, the drawback of this solution is the need for manual exercise and physical exercise. Furthermore, it may only work if you will commit to the exercise regularly and consistently.

So What Makes a Good Penis Extender?

While many of these extenders out there don’t really work, few do work and even fewer work great! But how do you decide which one, out of these few that actually work, is the one to go for? I, from my own experience, have come with few points that you should look for while deciding which penis extender you should go for and here is the list.

Effectiveness: It’s of no use buying an extender if it is not going to work! So the first thing you should look for is effectiveness. To find which device is effective, you can read forum discussions, personal blog posts and participate in relevant social topics. You can even find people in certain forums who have actually used the product that we are researching about. Contact them and get their first-hand opinion. If a big percentage of the people are saying that the product does not work, then it indeed doesn’t work. Period! Leave it and go to the next.

Usage Comfort: Let me tell you, you are not going like some crappy material hanging down your private organ for even a few minutes, forget doing it for hours every day! So, comfort is of prime importance, specially when it comes to penis extender devices. So, if a product is made of low quality material or if it doesn’t have comfort features, then you probably should stay away from that one. That is the reason why I never recommend anyone to go for cheaper products. Go for the Quality and do not compromise on it.

Safety Features: Have you heard of people complaining about negative effects of traction devices? I am sure some of you have heart about it. That is because some of these devices do not come tested or approved of being 100% safe. So while buying one, you should never miss to check the safety feature the device have so that you are 100% sure that you are not putting your private part into risk of being damaged.

Genuineness: Many product claim to be of high quality, 100% safe and extremely effective. But you should always see the genuineness of these claims before buying the product. That is why I always go for branded products manufactured and marketed by a reputed company, preferably those that are approved by a Medical Board or Council. That way, you can be sure that product is reliable and the claims it make are 100% genuine and authentic.

Product Guarantee: I personally would also look for a Guarantee that the product works! It may be in the form of a money back guarantee or any other thing. The idea is simple – if a company is giving a money back guarantee to its product, then that company has got full confidence over its product. That is good because that product must be good in that case. Otherwise the company would simply not give a money back guarantee on a product that doesn’t work.

What Is Penis Traction?

Traction is simply another word for stretching. It is a natural, gradual, and progressive process that literally pulls your penis to expand its size. Traction does take a considerable amount of time to work, ranging anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, sometimes longer to achieve the most coveted gains, although the results are well worth your time and effort if you use a penis extender 6 months or more.

Is Traction Right For You?

The only thing taxing about using traction is how long it takes to work. Using a penis extender to apply traction is the type of treatment you must try to know if it is right for you. This is why almost all reputable brands offer a money back guarantee or give you seven days to return the device. You may not like having to strap the device on every day or wearing it for long hours. You could say traction is meant for practitioners that want the biggest gains with serious goals and earnest intentions.

How Can A Penis Extender Help You?

Their use is best for enlargement, although improvements on behalf of enhancement are still appealing. Medically speaking, they are prescribed to individuals with a condition known as peyronie’s disease aka curvature of the penis. You should consult a doctor for something for any medical issues. Otherwise, this is what traction can provide if you desire a longer, bigger penis:

  • Longer shaft, flaccid and erect
  • Expanded girth, flaccid and erect
  • Permanent size increase

As for enhancement, here are the benefits:

  • Improved blood circulation within your penis
  • Harder, stiffer erections
  • Performance enhancement, prolonged endurance, improved stamina
  • Healthier, better looking erections
  • Lush orgasms, more sensation

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Any device labeled as a penis extender works in the same manner as any other device. An extender is comprised of a mechanical body consisting of a base medical grade plastic ring, extension rods, attachment links, fasteners, and comfort materials.

A traction device grips your penis and pulls it so traction tension can stretch erectile tissue. Not all penis extender are built the same though. Some are designed as hybrid device, while others use either a noose fastener or a strap fastener.

Only premium extenders feature hybrid fasteners, while generic device, the type of device you should avoid, feature a noose or a strap.

Often, high-end device are equipped with technology that allow its users to wear the device from a distinct angle. This allows every guy to precisely position the device according to the shape and size of his penis.

The best penis extenders feature dual fasteners so traction can be distributed onto a larger area of the shaft, which improves the effectiveness of traction and allows for a higher degree of comfortable extension. Thus, faster and more appealing gains.

Now, How Does Penis Traction Work?

Traction is best explained based on how its works on a molecular level. Your penis is layered with erectile tissue that form its shape and enable it to expand and contract. Some of this layered tissue determines the limitation of your erection size.

Traction stretches the tissue that limits your erection size. As this tissue is stretched, micro fractures begin to form within this layered tissue, allowing excess blood to enter into your penis at the time of arousal.

This in return slightly increases your erection size. Allowing this tissue to heal is very important. As your body naturally heals itself, the cells that are stretched begin to duplicate themselves to compensate for space caused from the small tears.

Overtime, using a traction device will repeat this process. Gradually, your penis will expand and from a cellular standpoint, erectile tissue progressively becomes healthier and stronger as permanent, natural cell growth continues. End result, a bigger, healthier, penis.

It will be even easier to understand once you hold a penis extender in the palm of your hand. You can examine the extension bars, look at how they screw together, feel the tension from the springs that exert traction, and understand why comfort is such a big deal.

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