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5 ways how to increase sex drive in women



Believe it or not, you are not the only woman in this world who is suffering with problems of low libido. Lack of sex drive is a common problem in women of all ages and is particularly a problem in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. Whether the reason is psychological or physiological or hormonal, you do not have to keep suffering in silence. There are quite a few steps that you can indeed take to improve your sex drive and get back to enjoying it as much as is possible.

#1. Over-the-counter products

There may be no FDA-approved oral medication or topical solution for the treatment of low sex drive in women, however, there are many over-the-counter products that you can try to improve your sex drive.
Some of these are available in the form of oral supplements which are to be taken daily and are supposed to bring about a change in your sexual responses as well as your overall health. These are often a combination of herbs known for their positive effects on the female sexual responses and reproductive system and vitamins and minerals. Such pills are HerSolution.
Although most of the ingredients used in these oral supplements are relatively safe, you should consult a physician before taking these, especially if you are taking medications for any medical condition.
You can also try some OTC gels or topical solutions. These topical solutions may contain compounds or herbs that can improve your sexual responses. They may also contain sex hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, the lack of which can cause inadequate vaginal wetness and low sexual arousal.
These are supposed to be massaged lightly on the clitoris or in the vagina to improve vaginal lubrication and increase sensitivity in the area. They may help improve your desire for sex as well as your arousal and help you enjoy sexual intercourse much more than you do now.
However, make sure that you use water-based solutions since these are less likely to cause irritation and discomfort in the area. Also, avoid using these products if you have any yeast infections or lesions in the vaginal area as these may exacerbate the problem.

#2. Foods

Believe it or not, there are certain foods that are considered to be powerful aphrodisiacs and can really give a boost to your low sex drive. For example, zinc is believed to be an important mineral in increasing the production of testosterone. If you don’t know what testosterone is, here is the answer. Testosterone is a sex hormone which is responsible for a healthy sex drive in both men and women. Low levels of this hormone, especially during menopause can decrease your desire for sex. Zinc is considered to be an important mineral to boost the production of testosterone and oysters are one food that is really abundant in this mineral.
Similarly, bananas are a rich source of the B vitamins and known to increase production of testosterone as well. A high content of cocoa in chocolate can help enhance your mood by providing you a nutrient called phenethylamine. Other foods that are known to have a positive impact on a woman’s sex drive include garlic, soy, pumpkin seeds, avocados, soy and fish.
Furthermore, a balanced diet which is low in fats and high in fibers, minerals and vitamins will also ensure that your body is healthy and so are your sexual responses. So, make sure that you eat healthy and stay healthy to have a good sex drive.

#3. Herbs

Besides foods, there are certain herbs that are known to increase libido in women. For example, tribulus terrestris is an herb that is believed to increase levels of testosterone by increasing the production of the luteinising hormone in women. Similarly, wild yam is known to increase the production of estrogen and may also increase progesterone levels in the body.
Horny goat weed or epimedium is another herb that is known for its powerful aphrodisiac qualities. It is supposed to raise levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream and thus increase blood flow to the clitoris. It may also inhibit the PDE5 enzyme which is believed to decrease blood flow to the sexual organs.
Other herbs known for their aphrodisiac qualities include kava kava, dong quai, ginseng, damiana, and avena sativa. You can save some time by combining #2 and #3 in a purposely made supplement like this.

#4. Work on your relationship

For women, sex is closely linked to how close they feel with their partners. If they do not enjoy the company of their partner, they are less likely to be interested in having sex with them. This is because for women, sex is an activity that is supposed to increase closeness and not just something that is done for mere physical pleasure.
This is why it is very important for both partners to work on their relationship if the woman is not interested in sex. Resolving conflicts, spending quality time together, and taking a vacation together are only some of the steps that you can take to improve your relationship. Getting back romance into your life by going out on a date or sending flowers or cooking a dinner for your woman can do a lot for her sexual desire.
Similarly, just working on improving your sexual intimacy can also do wonders for your relationship. This can include giving a full body massage to the woman or just spending time in exploring her body to excite her sexually.
If nothing really works or you just don’t know what is wrong with your relationship, it may be time to consult a sex therapist. A sex therapist is usually a psychologist who is an expert in sexual problems and can help you resolve relationship problems as well as increase your awareness about your sexual responses.

#5. Lifestyle changes

There is no doubt that lifestyle changes can indeed bring about a change in your sexual responses, especially in your desire for sex. If you are obese, losing weight will help build your self-confidence and make you feel more attractive.
If you are constantly stressed out due to daily pressures of work and family, it may be time to take 30 minutes out of your busy day to just relax. You can practice meditation, just soak in the bath tub, or just listen to some soft music to release the built-up stress.
Similarly, exercising and staying active are also important steps that you can take to improve your sexual health as well as your overall health.
Keep in mind thatfor women, sex drive is a combination of various factors. So, if any aspect of her life is not going well, her sexual responses will be affected. This is why treating low sex drive in women should include a combination of changes across different aspects of their life.

Don’t Let Hormonal Imbalance Deplete Your Libido

Thyroid is a critical gland in the body, which regulates hormonal balance. The thyroid hormones (Thyroid stimulating hormone-TSH, T3 and T4) not only regulate thyroid-dependent body functions but also affect the performance of other hormones. Sexual function is one of the areas affected by abnormal thyroid functioning. Hypothyroidism is reported to cause loss of sexual desire or low libido levels in both men and women. This disorder is more common nowadays than ever.

Women with hypothyroidism suffer from low metabolic rate, increased fatigue, depression, irregular periods, weight gain and dry skin. Weight gain itself is a deterrent to a healthy body image which causes the female desire to dip tremendously. Fatigue, depression and low body temperature (typical in hypothyroid patients) further decrease the female desire. This can also be a cause for infertility in women. Female desire can be revived by using supplements like Fembido which act by increasing the blood flow to the genital organs.

Men experience erectile dysfunction due to hypothyroidism. This is because the male sex hormone testosterone dips in such patients. These patients also experience symptoms such as mental fog, low energy, all causing a sharp decrease in the male libido. Such men can try Viapro which is a clinically tested herbal male sexual enhancer. It increases stamina and improves sexual function.

With these great supplements available in the market, you don’t have to worry about your hormones wrecking your desires.

Herbs Used to Boost Sexual Performance

Not every man wants to spend their money and invest their time in using a proven penis enlargement program, but there are still ways for men to get a boost to their penis size and boost their bedroom performance through the use of herbal products.
Perhaps the best known herbal product for increasing bedroom performance is Ginseng. It has been used for many thousands of years in both traditional Chinese and Native American medical systems. Ginseng is known as an adaptogen – a class of chemicals that are able to increase resistance to stress without causing a problem with loss of energy. Ginseng is also a stimulant and has vasodilator characteristics – it increases the function of the vascular system. In the form of Red Ginseng, the product is used to increase and stimulate the sexual functions of the body.
Many people choose to use the extract of Kola nuts as a stimulant, and this has been widely used to replenish energy levels. It is also known as a brain food. Thanks to this combination of factors, you may find that with the addition of Vitamin B complex you can increase stamina, boost protein metabolism, increase energy, and even out hormone levels to keep you going through the night.
A closely kept secret that has been used since the 19 th century is Damiana, which has been used as an aphrodisiac and sexual booster in the United States. It is also useful in treating some forms of depression and anxiety, as well as boosting the nervous system and improving sexual health.
If you are looking for a natural product to boost your sexual performance, it is a good idea to steer clear of herbal remedies that contain ephedra or yohimbe. While both of these substances are known to be high power stimulants, they also haven a serious impact on the performance of cardiovascular system. In most cases, young and healthy people can take small amounts of yohimbe or ephedra without problems, but on the whole it is much better to avoid using these substances altogether.

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