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SizeGenetics Reviews

Men usually tend to measure their masculinity in terms of penis size. Men with bigger packages are deemed more macho than other men, while men with smaller packages are wimps. While this is not entirely true, this is a social stigma that is carried all throughout the world.
The male penis size is measured through two various ways. The first one is the girth of the penis, and the other one is the length. These two are measured when the penis is fully extended. The length, of course, refers to how long the penis is. Girth on the other hand refers to the width of the penis or its thickness.
Unfortunately, very few men have the perfect length and girth when it comes to their penis. But this does not have to mean that they are the only few super – masculine men in the world. There are technological advances that have been created in order to cater to men who simply want to add more size to their package.

Meet SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is one such development that allows men to add more inches to the length of their penis, and of course, add more to the girth as well. Unbeknown to most of us, penis enlargement has been practiced by centuries already. In fact, this kind of practice dates back to at least 2000 years.

How Does Size Genetics Work?

Penis enlargement by Size Genetics stimulates and provides constant traction of the Copora Cavernosa. The Copora Cavernosa is an erectile tissue found inside the penis that holds blood during erection. Basically, this plays an essential role for the penis size of a man. How much the Copora Cavernosa expands determines the size of the penis.
By providing steady traction on that part of the penis, the cells that make up the Copora Cavernosa will start to pull away. Then they eventually split and duplicate. More cells mean more size. This is why within a few month’s time users will definitely notice a difference in the size of their penises.

Is SizeGenetics Safe?

Some people may ask if the procedure is safe. Using SizeGenetics is very safe. It basically just helps the body and the cells of the body grow, as a course of nature. Naturally, we all know that the body has the ability to grow and stretch when put under tension – different cultures all over the world have practiced body modification for ages. People in certain African Tribes have been know to stretch their lips or ears. Women in Burma have also been known to stretch their necks.
It may also be comparable to weight training – people lift weights to enlarge their penises. If you think about it, the penis is a muscle group as well. And with the right stretching and straining, this results to an increase in size as well.

Is SizeGenetics A Scam?

Some people worry if SizeGenetics is a scam or not. The SizeGenetics device is not a scam and is a truly effective product. The official website of the product even has some sizegenetics before and after pictures that show the results of the product. Customer testimonials, feedback and reviews are positive as well.
SizeGenetics understands that you wouldn’t want to be caught red – handed purchasing a penis enlargement device by people you know. Thus, shopping for this device is very discreet. All you need to do is purchase the item from their official website, and wait home until it arrives.
So why not give yourself the size that you deserve? Within a couple of weeks of using SizeGenetics, you will start to notice an incredible increase in the size and girth of your penis.

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