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The Anatomy of a Penis



The penis is jokingly considered to be one of the most powerful muscles in a man’s body. It might not be in the same category as launching a fleet of ships but it does have a certain authority and command just like a captain has for his own ship.

What is a Penis?

The penis is man’s reproductive organ and is taken from a Latin word which means tail. Sometimes it is referred to as phallus. It is actually composed of three columns of tissues known as corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. These compose the length of the penis. The urethra goes through the length of the penis up to its opening and is the pathway of urine during excretion and semen during ejaculation. The bulbous part on its end is the glans penis which is covered by the foreskin or the prepuce while at the base the scrotum is found.

The length of the penis varies. It is longer when erect and in that condition, the average length is between five to six inches. There are still variations depending on genetics as well as other factors such as the environmental situation.

The Issue of Length

Length as well as girth has always been a hotly discussed issue when the penis is discussed. Other men look up to those who have longer and bigger ones while those who have a smaller penis are looked upon with pity. It was looked upon as a standard of masculinity. It seemed that one is less of a man if he has a micropenis. Thus, men of all colors and age have always looked for the magic solution which would enlarge their penis.

Ways To Enlarge The Penis

There are several penis enlargement methods used by men. The easiest and cheapest is the penis exercises wherein the penis is massaged and manipulated into different positions meant to assist its growth. Then there is the penis enlargement pill said to be of all natural ingredients. One can also use a penis enlargement patch. A traction device can also be utilized to gradually stretch it. Each can be used on its own but it is also possible to use all of it for an enhanced effect but follows a certain system.

If all else fails, one can always go for the more drastic ways by undergoing surgical procedure known as phalloplasty which serves to lengthen the penis. The girth can also be improved by having a different procedure done.

An inflatable implant may be of help too especially for those whose problems are not limited to the size but includes erectile dysfunction. This will also enable the man to have an erection anytime and for an extended period.

One can also resort to jelqing and clamping, both of which make use of some device or the hand to exert blood pressure in the organ to make it bigger. Extreme care should be done with these two methods because it might damage some tissues or blood vessels might burst causing even more complications.

Penis Enlargement: Which Is Which?

The market is full of products guaranteed to make the penis grow longer and bigger. This ranges from natural pills, the vacuum system, penis enlargement patch, pumps and so much more. All the guarantees are from the producers themselves and not from any scientific body or group. As such, the assurance may lack the credibility that an independent study possesses.

Currently, the sole method with physical evidence that it really made the penis longer and bigger is the one which involves surgery. This may be in form of phalloplasty wherein the ligaments buried at the base of the penis are manipulated to make it protrude resulting to a lengthened penis. After the surgery stretching exercise are done to for flexibility.

The disadvantage is that the nerves around the base of the penis might be affected which can result in complications such as erectile dysfunction. The appearance or the shape might also suffer because of the procedure in some instances. This kind of invasive remedy will take a lot of money and there is always that danger that it may not work. It is also said that such is still in its experimental stage.

There is a lack of scientific and conclusive studies focused on penis enlargement and the methods used to achieve it. Though there are pills which have been certified by the regulatory boards such as the US Food and Drugs Administration or FDA for use related to penile functions, these are not for penis enlargement solely but rather the pills are intended for erectile dysfunction.

The ones on the market for penis enlargement usually have herb extracts and though these have been used in other countries, the validity and efficacy of the products have yet to be confirmed and the manufacturing process in itself has to be checked s to its sanitation and the like.

These procedures are important to avoid the risks that it may have on the health of the individual. Since there are infusions of stimulants and aphrodisiacs, there is still a need to investigate how it works with the other active ingredients. The latter two were added to promote libido and for an erection which will seem longer in duration. Some of the products advertised may have temporary effects, but the main problem is still not solved.

The penis during the flaccid state is only about three to four inches but it lengthens considerably when erect. Some men are very conscious of the flaccid state of their penis because it seems too small thus causing embarrassment especially in the shower rooms, thus, the drive to use the penis enlargement products.

Penis enlargement products are numerous and the companies dealing with it are doing quite well despite the lackluster performance of their products. This is all due to the fact that not many men would come out in the open saying that they used it and that it was not successful.

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