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Does penis enlargement pill work?

penis enlargement pills

Well, if you listen to all of the tips on lasting longer and advice on increasing your size, it would seem possible.

With that said, not all penis enlargement products and treatments are created equal. Truth is, some techniques such as increasing penis size with surgical methods like plastic surgery, is very risky –
Consider this…
Did you know that out of the hundreds of natural penis enlargement pills available on the market, only 5% of them are actually endorsed by REAL doctors?
Beware of scams. We found that many techniques and products for male enhancement don’t work.
Most penis enlargement sites would rather tell you lies, and put your health at risk, in order to make their millions.
That stops here!
Does Size Really Matter?
One of the most humiliating things a man can go through, is not being able to perform in bed. And yes, regardless of what any woman tells you…
Size matters.
It hurts to hear it doesn’t it? Obviously, on some level you already knew that, or you wouldn’t be here reading this.
Fortunately for you, you made it to this site. You see, we don’t believe in pulling the wool over your head, just to make a quick buck.
This site was put together to steer you away from all the scams out there. Rather than you learning the hard way, we did the research for you.

VigRX Plus

After investigating the leading penis enlargement products – examining and comparing every minute detail across the board – VigRX Plus comes out on top, as the world’s best male enhancement pill.
VigRX Plus was created to help men everywhere who are suffering from the embarrassment of being too small, where it counts. With ingredients such as BiopreneTM (which helps you to see results faster), you’ll have a longer, thicker penis and last longer in bed within the first 3 months of use.
Our testing and research confirms that VigRX Plus does in fact, have the capability to give you more satisfying erections, help you to stop problems with premature ejaculation, and give you a fuller healthier penis.
Although there are some products that came close in our evaluation, and should be considered as well, no other system duplicates the results that VigRX Plus returns.

Why choose Vigrx Plus all natural, male enhancement product over prescription erection pills?

One good reason is because you can avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to your body. Vigrx Plus ingredients improve sexual desire and erectile function by combining only herbal ingredients that do not threaten your health. Vigrx Plus ingredients are each purposefully integrated to give you harder, longer lasting erections on demand. Aside from the obvious results, you will also gain better control over your erections, have more frequently intense orgasms and feel a noticeable increase in sexual desire. Many of these ingredients have been used since ancient times to aid in erectile function. Damiana, one of the ingredients found in Vigrx Plus, was used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years by Mayan men. Vigrx Plus ingredients consist of a series of 9 natural erection precursors, libido enhancers and aphrodisiacs. Avoid the unwanted side effects of most prescription medicines.

ProSolution Pills

Our panel examined the data, and looked at every possible detail. After close review, our panel ranks ProSolution pills in the #2 spot, for penis enlargement products. With only the smallest of margins, from the top spot.
Does ProSolution work? Our research indicates that ProSolution is fully capable of delivering on it’s promise of giving you stronger orgasms, a rock-hard penis and longer lasting sexual arousal.
During the testing phase, each of our panel members reported an increase in growth, fuller penis size – even when flaccid – and much stronger ejaculations.
ProSolution pills is made up of a combination of patented ingredients that are recommended by doctors. The all-natural pills have proven to increase male sexual potency, are 100% safe, and offer one of the strongest money back guarantees in the business.
ProSolution is the second strongest penis enlargement solution around.


Coming in a very close third in our research, was Vimax. With a dedicated team of doctors continuously improving the formula, Vimax is a male enhancement pill that produces.
Vimax recently improved its formula to increase its effectiveness to give you the capacity to get bigger in less time. Our team confirms that Vimax does produce the ability to help you to get 3 – 4 inches longer, and add up to 25% in thickness.
With all-natural ingredients, Vimax increases the amount of blood flow to your penis, which helps you to gain a thicker, harder, more powerful erection, while increasing the intensity of your orgasms.
Our team debated on how high to rank Vimax, based on its strong results, and finally settled on the third spot. Although, it may be the third best penis enlargement pill on our list, it could be first on yours.
5 Key Things You Should Know Before Buying a Male Enhancement Product
Any penis enlargement product that’s worth purchasing will have 5 qualities. If they don’t… skip them. Don’t even waste your time… and especially your money.

Here are “5 Key Things You Should Know Before Buying a Male Enhancement Product”:

1. Herbal, all-natural ingredients.

As much as you may want to see results, it’s not worth putting unsafe ingredients into your body. You don’t want something that’s going to work for the short term, while causing you more harm than good for the long term. It’s just not worth it.
Quality male enhancement products will use all-natural, herbal ingredients that are specifically chosen to “enhance” what your body already naturally produces.

2. Should be approved by real doctors.

Remember only a small number of male enhancement products are approved by real doctors. The majority of them just hire actors to put a white coat on and act like they’re professionals.
Why would they do that? To sell more, of course.
It’s easier to trust a picture of a smiling man, or female, with a white coat and a clipboard in hand. Product owners who don’t have doctor endorsements know are aware of that. So, they use actors to give you the false impression that their product can be trusted. Don’t fall for that. Call the company and ask for the doctor’s credentials and look them up to see if they’re real, or not.

3. Good feedback from actual customers.

Just like using a fake dr., not all testimonials are real either. Would you want to see nothing but negative comments all over the sales page of a website? Probably not. That would keep you from buying the product, right? Well, some product owner’s capitalize on that fact by faking some of the glowing testimonials that are placed on their website.
Details such as exact results, name, location, and before and after penis enlargement pics are what you should look for here. The more details that are in each testimonial, the better. Good male enhancement product owners will keep detailed records of satisfied customers. So, you can always call the company and ask for real customer feedback as well.

4. No risk for you to try it.

Admit it. If it was guaranteed that just by using a male enhancement product you could make your penis fuller and longer, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to use it – no matter how much it costs?
Well, any good male enhancement product who stands behind their product will have a strong guarantee in place. If a company doesn’t have a money back satisfaction guarantee, move on. Look for products that give you plenty of time to try out the product. Longer guarantees let you know that the company backs their product, and is willing to take 100% of the risk.

5. It really works.

The only real way to find out if a product works is to try it yourself. But, you can take a shortcut by looking for the 4 criteria listed above this step. When you do so, you’ll have a better shot of finding a product that not only works to satisfy you… but help you leave your partner begging for more, as well.
The thing is, doing diligent research takes time. Time you could be using on a worthy product.

We Did The Hard Work For You

Fortunately, we already did the heavy lifting for you. Our panel of trained researchers and testers have done the hard work of looking up all the information, digging for answers, and making the necessary phone calls so you don’t have to.
Our goal in creating this site was to help you cut through the clutter and get down to the top male enhancement solutions. We don’t want you to waste your time sifting through all the different products, wondering what’s fact or fiction. Instead, you can save time, frustration, and even money by reading through our hand-picked list of penis enlargement reviews.
You have a lot of choices when it comes to penis enhancement systems. From pills, patches, manuals, stretchers, books, creams, workouts, straps, guides, devices, machines, extenders, traction devices, to penis enlargement pumps. There’s no shortage of methods on how to enlarge your penis. It’s almost enough to make your head hurt.
Products that are recommended on this site have passed our tough listing standards. Which means, nothing gets listed on our site, unless it not only passes our “5 Key Things…” criteria, but each product that we suggest also has a proven track record in other important areas such as: ease of use, fast delivery, and strength of results.

The result?

Only the best penis enlargement products that give you a better chance of increasing your libido, and being the well-hung stud that you’ve always wanted to be. Browse through the site, and you’ll find nothing but straight facts on products that are proven to improve your sexual well-being.

Male Enhancement Reviews – Penile Enlargement with Male Extra

There’s a great deal of pressure on men in this day and age in terms of improving their sexual performance. Each guy believes that other men are all thicker and/or bigger ‘down there’ and last longer than them. Whether this is the case or not, there’s a huge clamor for penis enlargement pills due to such belief.

The unfortunate fact, however, is that the majority of such products are absolute scams and have zero hopes of working.

Then again, there are several other ways to achieve a bigger penis and Male Extra is one of those products that really work. Below are some facts about this penis enlargement supplement along with overall penile enlargement information that make Male Extra one of the best penis enlargement pills in 2019.

The secret to achieving a bigger male organ is adequate flow of blood – the more blood that gushes to the membrane and the longer it gets contained there, the bigger one would get. This is how an erection works. There’s a massive blood flow that is prevented from taking place by constricted capillaries.

If a guy could force even more blood into his penile chambers, it would stretch the membrane and compel it to become bigger. This is how penis enlargement pills such as Male Extra work, the boost in blood flow whilst simultaneously constricting the capillaries to make the erection harder. Over time, this would force the organ to become larger.

According to other Male Extra reviews, the additional advantage of enhancing the flow of blood to a man’s penis is to bring about erections that are longer lasting and stronger. Again, this is directly associated to blood flow, and the said product, indeed, allows more blood to flow to one’s penis to provide better erections.

The main reason why guys start to have troubles in achieving erection as they age is because the blood vessels, the arteries in particular, get clogged and harden and cause blood to not flow as freely as before. Male Extra, being one of the best penis enlargement pills in 2019, could easily help solve such dilemmas and improve blood flow. This would not only aid a guy’s sex life but it would as well make him healthier in general.

One more problem that guys usually face as they age is the loss of fertility. They just couldn’t produce as much ‘man juice’ as they used to. Well, this is another advantage of Male Extra as it could help to increase one’s sperm production and the total ejaculation volume.

There are several reasons why a guy would want to achieve this, and one obvious reason would be that he wants to successfully conceive a baby. Then again, increasing the ejaculation volume could also make erections harder and orgasms more intense.

When one assesses a penis enlargement supplement, he needs to consider how truthful the claims are. If a product promises that one would gain 6 inches in one month, he could be pretty certain that it’s a scam.

Like anything, penile enlargement is a gradual process. With a supplement like Male Extra, a guy would notice positive changes over a period of a few months. Anyone who promises one could do it faster is lying.

Do penis enlargement pills work? See what our readers say

“…your penis enlargement pillsgave my penis new power I thought I have lost forever!” – Michael, OR
“I’ve been taking penis enlargement pills for around 3 months now and have already noticed some incredible changes to my length. Keep up the great work.” – David, FL
“Penis enlargement pills are a wonderful thing. Gracias.” – Miguel, Mexico
“Penis enlargement pills gave me penis I always wanted. Now I’m even more sensitive and am experiencing kickass orgasms! Thanks!” – Bob, MI
“Penis enlargement pills rock! My girlfriend can prove it ;)” – Nick, WI
“I’ve been taking penis enlargement pills for around 3 weeks now but I can already see great improvement in my erections, which are way stronger than before. I’m buying next pack. Thanks.” – Peter, NE
“Thanks to penis enlargement pills, I’m a new man!” – Robert, PE
“Your penis enlargement pills are just an amazing thing. My penis is bigger, stronger, and Im experiencing best orgasms of my life! Wheew.” -John
“Thanks to penis enlargement pills I can enjoy new night rides with my wife.” – Kevin, OK
“I’m a married man, and since taking penis enlargement pills, my wife and me are enjoying sex like in those old times. All I can say is thanks!” -George, MI
“Holy cow, penis enlargement pillsrock and roll!” – Damian
“I can’t believe herbal penis enlargement pills can be that effective. Thank you for miracles!” -Greg, CA
“After 6 and 1/2 months of taking penis enlargement pills, I can’t believe this is still my penis!” -Charles
“I was always embarrassed to take my pants off in front of a women but now after just a short time of using penis enlargement pills I look forward to the pleasantly surprised looks on their faces” – Jack
“I love my husband but if I am honest something was always lacking in the bedroom. Since he started taking penis enlargement pills he is a new man and I am a very happy woman”. – Maria
“Wow, I was such a skeptic but just a few weeks on penis enlargement pills and my partner is wanting to make love every night. Best of all it is all natural!” – Peter

Hot tips before buying penis enlargement pills online

Internet is a great source for penis enlargement pills but the purchase through the internet can also become one of the worst and most risky ways if underestimated. There’s lots of great penis enlargement pills on the internet but there’s also big scammers out there trying to get your credit card!

Once you’re decided to try penis enlargement pills, you should spend your time and read these few tips below before ordering your first pack penis enlargement pills.

TIP #1: Don’t trust unsolicited emails promoting penis enlargement pills

Never (ever!!!) trust random and unsolicited emails promoting penis enlargement pills. Even though these penis enlargement pills might work, sites offering these products won’t stay up too long (sooner or later they’ll get turned off by their ISP) and therefore you might not get any guarantee/support on purchased penis enlargement pills and in most cases you might not even find the site next time you log on.

We suggest you to check out well-known stores selling penis enlargement pills instead of picking unknown individuals pretending to be the most famous penis enlargement pills distributors online.

TIP #2: Don’t spend more money on penis enlargement pills than necessary

Don’t spend a fortune on penis enlargement pills – we know of many sites offering penis enlargement pills ranging from 49.95 – 59.95 per bottle… It’s way too much and these penis enlargement pills are usually not worth the money spent! We recommend you not to spend more than 39.95 per bottle (or less – most of the companies offer great volume discounts). Please keep in mind, penis enlargement is a timely process (it can take up to 6 months until you see penis enlargement results) and saving $20 per bottle of penis enlargement pills will help to keep much more money in your pocket.

TIP #3: Don’t trust penis enlargement pills promising you extreme penis gains

Penis enlargement pills promising you 4+ inches increase in a couple of weeks lie. Penis enlargement process is a long-term process and it might take up to 6 months to see the first results. Also, you shouldn’t expect more than 1-2 inches improvement.

TIP #4: There is nothing like free penis enlargement pills

No penis enlargement pills are for free. Even though many sites offer free penis enlargement pills, there’s always a catch. Do you think people would spend their time and money just to give you penis enlargement pills for free? Not really.

These sites are either affiliates promoting someone else’s penis enlargement pills (and thus making a commission from each penis enlargement pill sold) or feeder sites leading to other paid sites.

So if you’d like to save some money on penis enlargement pills, we would recommend you to try checking out some deals and special offers. Many companies offer great volume discounts so even though you won’t get your penis enlargement pills for free, you will get them with a good discount.

TIP #5: Take your time before you buy penis enlargement pills

Take your time, check out different brands of penis enlargement pills, read, research, ask, check out testimonials and find out about ingredients in penis enlargement pills. Penis enlargement is a timely process and one day spent on research will pay back at the end of your penis enlargement journey.

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